Conference Agenda

  • Day 1 - MESA Day - April 11, 2017
  • Day 2 - MESCON Day - April 12, 2017
  • Day 3 - April 13, 2017 - Workshops

 09:00  Coffee and Registration

09:45  Welcome Note from MESA




10:30     INTERNATIONAL GUEST KEY NOTE PRESENTATION: Smart Meters - A Secure Critical National Infrastructure (UK Experience)

The UK Government is committed to ensuring that every home and small business in the country is offered a smart meter by 2020, delivered as cost effectively as possible and this is a key priority for the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. Smart meters will contribute to the UK having a secure and resilient energy system and by being a catalyst for system flexibility on the demand side. This can play an important role in improving energy security in the future and in integrating renewable energy sources into the system.

This presentation will provide a brief history of the UK Smart Meters programme, an overview of the logical architecture used to support the implementation of the UK Smart Meters network, an overview of the PKI implementation that supports the system security framework and details of the operational security framework.

10:55     PRIME TIME:

11:20     Networking Coffee Break

11:40     CISO DIALOGUE: Redefining the Scope of Cyber Resilience in the new age Cyber World

Key Highlights of the Session

  What has changed?

  The new age threat landscape and attack mechanisms

  Insider Threats and Negligence – Dealing with the vulnerabilities

  Response Tactics and Approach – A Renewed Approach

12:00     INTERNATIONAL KEY NOTE ADDRESS: : FUTURE CITIES: Navigating in the New Digital Age – Being IN and Being OUT.
Growing need for cross vertical risk assessment approach to help entities comply with regulatory landscape is a key challenge.

Key Highlights of the Session

  Digital Sterilizing in a world of Digital Muck

  How can I be IN the system yet secure

  Breaking the psychological barriers

  Mitigating the threats

12:20     VISIONARIES’ PANEL: Moving from Resilience to Defensive to Offensive Mechanism – What is the best mix for any Corporation securing its Information Space?

  Preventing the need for Resilience

  Making sense of the actionable intelligence

  Impact Analysis of a probable defensive / offensive mechanism

  Building and Learning the needed mechanisms

12:50     INDUSTRY CHALLENGES:  Exploring the Priorities of Cyber Resilience in Different Key Sectors

Key Highlights of the Session;

  Assessing the Vulnerabilities of Key Sectors like Banking, Aviation, and Energy etc…

  Gathering the needed actionable intelligence

  Prioritizing the threats

  Devising the appropriate responsive and attack mechanism

  Keeping the damage under control

  Delivering value under Cyber Resilience

13:20        Lunch & Prayer Break

14:20     LEADERSHIP SESSION:Dealing with Cyber Security – A CISO’s Quest and Dilemma’s!!!

Boards of Directors xxxxx

Being a Scapegoat for someone else’s errors

Too much to deal with in an ever expanding and ever changing landscape

Balancing Quality, Security and Budgets

Sourcing and Hiring the right talent

Classifying the threat levels

Attend this session and you will receive a xxx a Guide to Effective Security Dashboards and more

14:50     LEADERSHIP SESSION:Cyber Security Innovation – Shaping the future of cybersecurity

15:10     ACADEMIA DIALOGUE: Nurturing Local Talent – What is missing?

Key Highlights of the Session;

  Why is the need to depend on external technologies and talent?

  Building the skillsets and expertise in the local talent

  Promoting regional technology companies

  Finding the gaps

  Creating the right entrepreneurial atmosphere and funding streams to scale up local talent and corporations

15:30     Coffee BreaK

15:50     PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS TALK: Will we be combating the same adversaries in the future?

    The Interoperable and Interdependent Global Digital Infrastructure which collectively forms the landscape of any framework is continuously under a cyber-attack. Understanding a holistic perspective of the Cyber Threat Landscape is imperative for better preparedness of the possible cyber-attacks.

Key Highlights of the Session;

  The evolving space of adversaries and combat mechanisms

  Cyber Resilience 2.0

  The new threat landscape

  Needed skill development mechanisms

  What needs to be done now?

16:10     PANEL DISCUSSION: General Data Protection Regulation - Regional Impact?

We want to feel Safe… We want our Privacy… and that too in the most Interconnected and Interdependent world of Information Security and Big Data!!! Is it really possible? Are there any trade-offs to be made? Things to be sacrificed and thinks to be withhold… This Interactive Panel Discussion will help to clear the air and enable to understand as to how do we find the common grounds?

Key Highlights of the Session;

   Where do we draw the lines?

   How do we define what is Private and what is Safe?

   Challenges involved for CISO’s

   The way ahead

16:50     Closing Remarks from the Chairperson


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MESA Speakers & Panelist

  • Dr. Amirudin Abdul Wahab

    CEO - CyberSecurity Malaysia
  • Tonny Rabjerg

    CIO - Code Sealer
  • Phil Cracknell

    Risk & Security Advisor
  • Abdulla Al Sayari

    CISO - Health Authority
  • Meera Al Mansoori

    Head - Information Security - Abudhabi Government Department
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